2018 Concrete3 Sustainability Awards - Winners Announced

Concrete's Contribution to Sustainable Development

The need to strive for sustainable development is now recognised as a global imperative.

Strategies that encompass economic, social and environmental solutions within an overarching holistic approach are required to ensure that future generations are not disadvantaged by current consumption patterns.

Recognising the importance of immediate action, the cement and concrete industry of New Zealand has fully committed to the quest for sustainable development.

Efficiencies and innovations during concrete’s manufacture, along with its inherent properties in a range of applications, ensure that concrete provides solutions to the built environment that help New Zealand achieve sustainable development.

The question should not be, how sustainable is concrete? But rather, how sustainable is a world without concrete?

Sustainable development implies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

1987 Brundtland report of the World Commission on Environment and Development